Swann Pinball Project

Still Need Quotations…

Not really news, but to let you know that we're still on track :) . We're still awaiting the estimates for manufacturing of playfield parts.



Asking for Quotation…

All AutoCAD-drawing material for playfield mechanics has now been sent away for estimate of costs.



Yearly Report 2005

Here we are, another year of the Swann Pinball Project that went past so quickly. This document is written to follow the tradition of publication of a yearly progress testimony about all that has happened in the past year.

After the first visionary year we left the dream state and entered into concrete actions, all, which took us back several times to the drawing board, redesigning and changing details that we realized would complicate and make the project more expensive.


Another Week… Work In Progress

The weekly internal report has been distributed.

  • Work in progress on switchmatrix logic PCB-layout.
  • Selection of appropriate DIN-standards for connectors and attachments made.
  • First drafts of final signalingprotocol between systemcomponents presented.

Additional parts order details recieved.



Another Update!

Standards for electronics design is now finalized and selected. Work is initiated on final circuit layouts for Switchmatrix and Powerdriver electronics based on these. The Switchmatrix prototype hardware will recieve a software update this week with increased communication speed and added requested features.

The first drafts of the Cabinet (top box and main box) has been presented and the audioteam has presented a pre-version of the mainscore audiosequence.

Autocad still in progress. Major rework from the previous "standard" due to several needs in regards to electronics and mechanical design. All Autocad drawings for laneguides are expected to be finished and sent away for manufacture this week.

Previously made parts order items recieved.
The Weekly internal report has been distributed.

All is well!