Swann Pinball Project

Yearly Report 2006

Another year has passed, the christmas presents has been handed out and recieved, all the food is either left overs or well stowed. All that is left now is to step into the new year, celebrate through the night and oh, yes I almost forgot, to read the Swann Pinball yearly report.


Yearly Report 2005

Here we are, another year of the Swann Pinball Project that went past so quickly. This document is written to follow the tradition of publication of a yearly progress testimony about all that has happened in the past year.

After the first visionary year we left the dream state and entered into concrete actions, all, which took us back several times to the drawing board, redesigning and changing details that we realized would complicate and make the project more expensive.


(SWE) Artikel för Stockholm Pinball Årsbok 2005

Hur många gånger har du inte velat ändra på regelverk och spelplansdesign? Till slut blev vi helt enkelt trötta på att enbart visionera och bestämde oss sonika att göra slag i saken och tillverka ett eget spel.

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Yearly Report 2004

The first year of the Swann Pinball Project has passed, and this documents function is to present the progress and give an official brief status report to were we are today.

With visions clear in our minds we set out on a journey that would take us further then ever imagined. The design phase was started in February, with a decision process in regards to theme, layout and practical issues such as who/ how/ where/ finance/ documentation and so on.