Swann Pinball Project


After a loooong time quiet (partially because of certain people failing their promise to deliver and partially because of private-life priorities) we are now considering crowfounding.

For this to be reality we first need to update all the estimates for each and every single part such as sample production of mechanics, electrical engineering and so on). Without estimates we will have no idea how on the amounts to ask for.

I still want to point out that our primary goal is not to massproduce (a major missunderstanding from the beginning) Pinball games, but to make three games as a product that -can- be massproduced (major differance!).

Please do stay with us, we're still here! ...and if you're serious and are interested to help (not just with money but actually practically) do send us a message and tell us what you're good on (we primarly need mechanical and electical-engineers).


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Word of the day: Project

"A project in business and science is a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim." - Wikipedia.

That is what we are doing here, working collaboratively to design and build a fully functional Pinball Game from scratch!
We are proud our achievements and we'd like you to keep your eyes out on this site for some world first previews of what we have been doing so far. Hopefully we'll also deliver an interesting "year report"  at the end of this year.

Enough tease, we'll be back soon with something more interesting.



Here We Go!

Finally we got the new site up and running!

For several years nothing new has been done on our website due to taking too much time and management. With our new Blog it will be easier for us to keep you up to date with what is happening.

So we wish you welcome to the new information page in regards to the Swann Pinball Project (aka SPP).
Here you will find current and archived news together with information, including
actual imagery from the development. Hopefully we'll have more images to show soon.


Update, Marsh 2007

New resource found for Powersupply-engineering.
Groundworks and initial material will be transfered in the upcoming week.



Yearly Report 2006

Another year has passed, the christmas presents has been handed out and recieved, all the food is either left overs or well stowed. All that is left now is to step into the new year, celebrate through the night and oh, yes I almost forgot, to read the Swann Pinball yearly report.